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Oriental Gardens condo in Makati Review

Oriental Gardens is a condominium located on Chino Roces Avenue (known locally as Pasong Tamo), Makati City. There are 2 large peach colored buildings with car parking, and a large swimming pool area 5 floors up. The location is good, on the corner of Buendia, it is a short drive from Greenbelt. It is approximately a 15 minute walk to Greenbelt. Units can be purchased or rented, with or without a parking space.

This condo complex is well maintained with nice lobby areas. The condos for rent start at 20,000 PHP per month for a studio, excluding dues and bills. The swimming pool area is surrounded by nice plants (hence the name Oriental Gardens), there is also a children's play area, gym and nice seating outside. The one negative about this area is that rubber caps must be worn when swimming and the guards are very strict about this rule.


This Condos Makati site features a full list of condominiums in Makati City, Manila, Philippines. Our listing page will help you find the best appartment for you, whether it be to lease/rent or buy, our list has cheap as well as high end properties listed. Use us for resources including a list of properties. 2011 is the best time ever to live in this part of the world. 

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If you answered YES to any of the above questions you are in the right place. Over the next few weeks this site will become a one-stop resource- listing properties with guide prices and contact information, links to real estate agents, news on new developments, and general tips and advice to help you make the correct descisions. Start with our or condo makati list.

This area of manila is a great place to live. The rooms are usually of a good standard and amenities like Greenbelt and the central business area are always close by. Most places have a nice swimming pool and helpful door staff. Taxis are very easy to get in this area of the capital too.

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It is always cheaper to purchase this way, but now could be the best time with so many new builds in Makati and the economy in a bad state. Just ensure you choose a good company in good location (make sure they have a permit issued by HLURB). Don't neglect older properties but with so many new condominiums being built it's certainly worth looking at pre-sales now. Check our our list page for names and addresses.

There are many benefits to pre-buying: firstly you will get the best price (its likely to be worth more than you paid as soon as its ready), you should also find they offer easy payment plans with little or even no interest rates! Just be careful to avoid buying in a bad area (check for other developments close by and noise and traffic pollution). Check previous developments by your chosen developer and basically do some background research such as asking advice off different people.

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